Meet Jerry and Robin Znetko

When you love what you do.....


For over 30 years Robin has been employed in the construction industry and has always loved being part of it all. She has been designing homes and working on commercial projects since 1987.   She has experience working with a number of different building departments and has a positive relationship with them. 


She and husband Jerry have completed several remodels including a Boutique Motel in NE Washington State. Over the years she has been and avid researcher and active learner continually acquiring new and updated information about the construction industry. These experiences allow her contributions as a designer/drafter to be well rounded and relevant.  


 Jerry is a strong asset as he is a capable CAD drafter and a well rounded thinker. Along with extensive experience remodeling, he has the ability to visualize in 3D and has a sharp eye for detail.


Their combined skills allow them to provide accurate, professional designs and construction documents in a timely manner. Together, they are pleased to bring their passion for construction to all the work they produce.